About the company

Furniture you dream about

The online store Cbsfurniture was created for customers who appreciate high quality furniture and flexibility of the design. In our general offer we present different models but every one of them can be easily adjusted to one’s needs – from choosing the type of filling material to cut and colour of the upholstery. As a result each item is unique and designed for individual needs of the customer.

We offer various models of corner units – from very simple through folded sofas with sleeping function to U-shaped units, plus additional shelves, adjustable head rests and other extras.

Another broad category is sofas. Here, we also offer a wide selection of them: sofas with sleeping function, furniture for home or office, reclining sofas and universal couches without extras. In our assortment one can also find beds, stools or entire sets with easy chairs.

Man does not live by relaxation alone, therefore, in our offer one can find functional furniture: wall units, sets or bathroom furniture. This is not all, as we constantly expand our range and introduce more attractive models so everyone can find something fitting his or her taste.

Cbsfurniture shop is ideal for any lover of beautiful and functional interior designs. It is a Polish shop working in the UK. We fulfill orders in the UK but also ship items to Poland and other countries. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offers and we wish you a happy shopping.